Going Through The Motions

by All In


This track is about a girl one of us liked and all the time we shared together.


Going through the motions i feel so alone and disconnected,
it was good till your emotions came along and had to wreck it,
now im sick and tired of feeling like im empty,
you've got me wired when you said that you love me here,
We were sneaking out and staying up until past 2 a.m. and,
i could never get enough i swear you were my new best friend,
you can't deny the way you felt about me,
i'll stand all night so that you'll never doubt me


So please come out with me tonight,
we'll scream and shout and feel alright,
you kissed my ear,
and pulled me close,
i'll keep you near and,
never let you go

Nights with you down by the lake under moonlight was our first date,
i see someone behind your eyes but i could never find the time to,
tell you i'm here waiting for you to be all,
you said you'd be but you never came through for me


Take me back,
to what we were,
when nothing else mattered,
more than what you wanted,
cuz i can't take,
this anymore,
break me down,
and we'll pick up where we started



released March 16, 2011
Mountainside Studios and Ace Hendrix!...Co-written Steven Domvs.



all rights reserved


All In Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

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